Monday, May 16, 2011

How can four letters hurt so much--Dr. update!

It's confirmed.....


Mine had A LOT more cysts than this one AND on BOTH of my ovaries....  :'(

I'm not going into the details of my appointment yet.  I'm kind of numb right now.  I just want to curl up in a ball (because I'm having some pain in my pelvic area) and cry myself to sleep.  Here's a video for those of you wondering what PCOS is.  


  1. Sending you lots of hugs! I know this isn't the news you wanted, but try to stay positive.

  2. Thinking of you! I know when I was diagnosed, I was happy to finally have answers.

  3. I'm so sorry! I wish they had given you better news. Maybe now that they've named the problem, your doctor will be able to recommend a protocol that will result in a BFP tho! Just trying to look on the bright side... Hugs to you...


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