Our Journey

Hubs (also known as Luke) and I married on September 19, 2009.  In December of 2009, we lost our first baby to a chemical miscarriage.  In February 2010 we bought our first home, and in July of 2010 we officially started trying to conceive (TTC). 

After a few months of not having a period (AF), I went to the doctor to find out what was going on, and on May 16, 2011, I was diagnosed with PCOS.  It was then that we were told we probably would never conceive without "more evasive treatments," and we were heartbroken.  For months I grieved because I thought I was the reason my husband and I couldn't have children, but in the Summer of 2011, we found out that hubs has infertility problems, as well.  We continued to TTC for the rest of the year and in February 2012, we went to The Infertility Center of St. Louis to speak with an infertility specialist about our options. He told us that our best chance at a healthy pregnancy was to do IVF.  We had our date set up to begin that process, but it ended up being canceled because we could not come up with the funds to go through with IVF.

During the whole TTC time, hubs and I had thrown around the idea of adoption, and we were even accepted into a private adoption agency, but we turned them down as well because the initial funds were not there.

As desperate as we felt we were being in order to become parents, exhausting what little money we had for doctor's visits and testing, we finally decided to continue TTC, but we began giving up our dream of becoming parents.

In November of 2012, I heard about a Christian Foster Care agency in Springfield, MO.  Hubs and I talked it over for a while, and finally--we went to an informational meeting in December, and we knew that Foster Care was the best option for us to grow our family. 

So, now it's almost February of 2013, and we are almost halfway through the foster care classes we need to complete in order to become licensed foster parents.  Our hope is to be able to adopt from the foster care system, but we mainly want to bless children's lives while they're in our lices--whether that be for a few months or lifetime.
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