Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The last post I wrote was for National Infertility Awareness week (NIAW), and boy did I get a good response from that post.  I had people asking to post it on their own blogs, I had re-tweets on Twitter, I even had a lot of people on Facebook thank me for writing it.  I know that it may have sounded harsh or blunt, but I did that for a reason.  The post was written out of complete honesty, but was NOT directed towards any one person or party.  So, am I happy that I wrote what I did?  Absolutely!  If you haven't read the post I'm talking about and are wondering what in the world I'm referring to, scroll down and read the next post.  That post was also my 200th post on blogger!  Wow, I've had a lot to say over the years!

As I had mentioned a few posts back, Luke and I started a campaign on Indiegogo.com for our IVF fund.  I've had one contribution, and I'm so thankful to that person for helping us.  Here's the link to our campaign if you're, again, wondering what I'm talking about.  Please help me spread the word about our campaign before it ends (May 30!).  There are buttons that allow you to "share" and "tweet" about our campaign on Facebook and Twitter.  Please do this for us.  This campaign means the world to us, and so does being parents.

In other news, you all know that I signed up as a Scentsy consultant.  Here's my website if you ever want to learn more information about Scentsy or place an order.  https://aliciamarie911.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Home

Along with signing up as a consultant, I have started a Facebook page for my Scentsy business.  Click here to "like" me on Facebook.  I do AT LEAST one giveaway a week, and every week Facebook chooses a Fan of the Week that gets pretty cools specials during the week they're chosen.  The more you interact on my page (i.e. commenting on and liking statuses), the better chance you have of being chosen as the Fan of the Week.  I love giving away free things, so if you love FREE THINGS, go like me. Seriously.  Do it.  Last week I did a random giveaway where people had to guess the number I was thinking from 1 to 1000.  The person that guessed my number or got the closest (if the number wasn't chosen) won!

Today is a big day for the Scentsy family.  We launched a new brand--Velata.  For those of you who do not follow me on Twitter or haven't "liked" me on Facebook, Velata is a line of Fondue Warmers and Premium Belgian Chocolate.   With 14 Fondue Warmers (in 8 colors), and 4 different chocolates (White, Milk, Dark, and Caramel Milk Chocolate), everyone will be happy!  Who doesn't love chocolate?  I'm going to be completely honest and say that this chocolate is SOOO amazing.  When I received my starter kit last week, between my daycare boy, my husband and myself, we ate an entire bag in one day!  It's THAT good!  I also have a website for my new Velata Business.  I also have a Here are some Velata pictures.

For you chocolate lovers, the chocolate can be bought separately and eaten without the use of a warmer!
These come in three different styles and 8 different colors

Last night I finished my last class of the semester.  I have the rest of this week off, and I start back with classes next Thursday. I keep telling myself that I only have ONE MORE year left, and I will FINALLY have my Bachelors degree.  :-)

I think I'm going to get off here and put my daycare boy down for a nap!  If any of you would like me to send you a Scentsy, Layers (lotions, shower gel, shower creme, solid perfume), or Velata brochure to you, leave me a comment and let me know, and I'll put it in the mail for you!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading!  Have a blessed day!

Alicia Marie

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