Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The day of love

Just like my birthday, I love expanding what is a one day event into a weekly one (sometimes even a month event if I feel it necessary--or I see a cute purse!)  to make things even more special.  Can you say birthday month!?!?  I've been trying  (especially this week) to make things special because it's the week of love.  Also, it's the week of our IVF consultation.

I'm now three days away from our appointment in St. Louis.  I thought I was nervous last week, ha!  This week has brought so many butterflies that just thinking about it kind of makes me want to puke (doesn't that just make you want to love me on this lovely, loving day?!?!)  I'm hoping that we'll get some great news and that we'll not have to look to adoption any time soon.  I do long for a baby that has Luke's eyes and my nose!

Speaking of babies...Did you know that Springfield made Amazon's top twenty list of most romantic cities in the U.S.?  Well, we did!  I guess that explains the excessive amount of pregnant women in Walmart every time I'm there.  I guess I shouldn't complain about them all being there when I am.  I mean, when one lives in one of the most romantic cities in the states, there are bound to be flocks of pregnant ladies waddling around, right?

According to Amazon, after compiling sales data of romance novels and relationship books (Kindle Books and print books), romantic comedy movies (digital movies and DVDs), Barry White albums (CDs and MP3s), along with sexual wellness products, since January 1 on a per capita basis in cities with over 100,000 residents, the top 20 most romantic cities in the U.S. are:

            1. Knoxville, Tenn.            11. Pittsburgh, Penn.
            2. Alexandria, Va.             12. Clearwater, Fla.
            3. Springfield, Mo.            13. St. Louis, Mo.
            4. Orlando, Fla.                 14. Erie, Pa.
            5. Cincinnati, Ohio            15. Clarksville, Tenn.
            6. Vancouver, Wash.        16. Everett, Wash.
            7. Miami, Fla.                    17. Gainesville, Fla.
            8. Murfreesboro, Tenn.   18. Las Vegas, Nev.
            9. Dayton, Ohio                 19. Rochester, N.Y.
            10. Columbia, S.C.            20. Tallahassee, Fla. 

Any of you live in these cities?   Do you think that your city belongs on this list?

Happy Valentines day to all my lovely bloggy friends! 

-Alicia Marie 


  1. Happy Valentines day girl! Good look with your appointment. Sending good vibes for great news!

    I live in NY, but no where near Rochester. I live on Long Island.

    I agree with Nashville, but Orlando?! ORLANDO?! Other than Disney World, I dont get it!

  2. I love that top twenty list :)

    I hope you'll have an amazing Valentine's Day AND a wonderful appointment ;)

  3. I wonder what's romantic about any of those places. I'm praying for you.


  4. That is a very interesting way for them to compile a list, haha! I can agree with some of them (like Alexandria, VA), but others (like Pittsburgh) leave me wondering, "Why?" :) I guess romance is created where people want it!

  5. I really wonder where they get those statistics from. Coming from Washington, Everett and Vancouver are two of the most miserable cities I could think of. They are industrial and horrible so I find it hysterical that they are listed as 'most romantic'! The other ones may be but their Washington selections are so off it's funny! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


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