Monday, December 5, 2011

Hair revamp

With everything that has happened this past year, I've been needing to feel in control of something.  When IF (infertility) struck, I felt like I was no longer in control of my life.  I could no longer make the decision to have children or not, it was made for me.  So, I've been desperately searching for something in my life that I can take control of, and I found it.  

For months I have been debating on changing my hair.  If you ask the people who know me the most, the two things about myself that I like are my eyes and my hair.  Changing one or the other kind of makes me nauseous just thinking about it.  Saturday we went to my mother in laws, and I had a strong impulse to change my hair.  I've been wanting to grow it out, but there's nothing I can do about that, so I decided to color it.  Self color it, that is.  Now, to be honest, I didn't do it myself, I was too scared.  I asked my mother in law to do it for me.  So, I made Luke go with me to Walmart to pick a color, but I was too indecisive, so I picked FOUR different boxes to take back to my mother in laws house so that she could help me decide.  After much debate, I finally chose a color.  So, without further hesitation, here I am.

This is what I looked like before

And now, this is what I look like

And this....

And for those of you who think it's maroon, it's not.  It's Clairol's Natural Instincts version of medium auburn brown.  My hair shouldn't have turned with as much of a red tint as it did, but my hair was lighter to begin with so it just happened to turn out that way....but, I'm diggin' it!  

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