Friday, May 6, 2011

The (other) big day

When I hear the words, "the big day" I automatically think of someones wedding day.  Well, today is my (other) big day--My college graduation!  By the time you read this I will (probably) have walked across the stage in front of thousands of people.  Boy, that thought makes my stomach turn knots!

  I remember my high school graduation.  Everything was going great until I was about to walk across the stage and realized something was wrong.  I had looked down at my gown and noticed the zipper on my gown was making its way up the OPPOSITE direction that it should be.  It was unzipping itself, and I couldn't fix it.  It sure would have been nice to have Elisa there to fix my zipper!  (sorry, Elisa, I had to say it)  I was mortified.  Here it was, a milestone in my life, and I was having to worry about my zipper undoing itself in front of hundreds of people.  Talk about embarrassing.  I just hope that my zipper holds up! 

I know that today will be bitter sweet.  Even though I'll continue living my life here in Springfield, some of my dearest friends are leaving town, and I will not see them again unless God, someday, crosses our paths.  I pray that God keeps them, and guides them, and grants them their hearts desires.

To the 2011 graduating class of Evangel University, God bless,
Alicia Marie

This is the church I'm graduating in.


  1. LOL! I LOVE it ;) Congratulations. That is sooooo exciting.

    I've had fun catching up on your blog. I just got back from vacation last night. It feels awesome to be home :0)


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