Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He provides!

I talked in a previous post about getting our pay at the church cut in half and loosing my client last week.  Well, Luke and I were worried that I would be out of a job (even though I'm employed, I have had no client).  We knew that we had the other half of the ultrasound from last week to pay for and that we had our mortgage and electric bills to pay.  We were worried that we might be REALLY tight on money.

Well, let me be the first to tell you, MY GOD PROVIDED!  Last Sunday the church threw a graduation party for me and one of our youth students.  Between all of the cards I received, I was given almost $100.  I received a call from Integrity (where I work) Monday morning and was asked to fill in for a client this week.  It's only 15 hours, but that's more than I was working with my other client.  God provided income for this week!  So, I was on my way home yesterday from the clients house, and I got another call from Integrity asking me to take on a permanent client starting next week!  I told them I would take it!  I didn't even have to go one week without finding a new source of income!   The amazing part is that it fits PERFECTLY within my summer school schedules between both Evangel and OTC!

Oh, and I forgot the best part.....are you ready for this!?!?  I got home yesterday after working, and my doctors office called me!  They said that the other half of my ultrasound had been taken care of!  I don't owe anything!  Isn't that amazing!  What a blessing!  What a great week I'm having after such a crummy one last week! 

I may have published some depressing posts, but I'm the first to admit when something amazing has happened!  Things are beginning to get better! 

Alicia Marie


  1. Yahoo!!! That is soooo awesome! :)

  2. That's amazing!

    I'm new here, from ICLW.

    Best wishes,


  3. He does provide!!! Great news! Thanks for sharing!!


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