Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The attack of the giant grasshopper

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the couple in Springfield getting murdered and how I was scared to go to sleep for days after the murder.  I was constantly worried that someone would come in our house and attack us while we were sleeping or getting ready for work.  The purps had me so terrified that I never thought about anyTHING else attacking us.

Here's a story about the attack.  It was a nice Spring night.  The husband was in bed early with another one of his headaches, and I was wide awake.  I had drank a Livewire Mt. Dew a few hours before I decided I would hit the sack.  I was jittery inside like a kid the night before he/she goes to Disney World for the first time.  I had no particular reason to stay awake, so off to bed I went.  I was beginning to dose off when Luke started swatting at his legs.  I asked what he was doing, and his reply was simple...."nothing".  Of course I thought it strange he would be making so much commotion over "nothing", but I continued on with trying to get to sleep.  Not even two minutes later he began swatting his head and all the sudden jumped out of bed and flipped on the light.  I KNEW by that time that "nothing" was DEFINITELY something, so I too jumped up from the bed, and boy am I thankful that I did!  As soon as I jumped up from where I was laying, I glanced at the bed and let out a squeal.  I yelled, "get it...get it!"  Luke, not being able to see, said "I need a shoe".  He looked around for a second as I continued to tell him to "kill it!!!"  He grabbed a shoe and asked me where it was.  I could not believe he was asking me where the GIANT GRASSHOPPER was.  How could he NOT see it!?!?  It was massive!  The legs were so long.  I bet the thing was a good four inches long.  I told him that the grasshopper was between our two pillows about to crawl onto mine.  He held my dress shoe in his hand and proceeded to smash the MASSIVE grasshopper over and over again.  Any time he thought it moved, he smashed it one more time.  Finally, he has smashed it enough that it stuck to the bottom of my dress shoe.

After he flushed the nasty bug down our toilet (or at least that's what I THINK he did with it), I asked him why he told me that he was swatting at "nothing".  He told me that he thought he was going crazy because I didn't feel anything crawling around on me.  I told him that I didn't feel anything crawling on me, but had I not jumped up from the bed when I did, I would have had that nasty giant grasshopper land on my face!  I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was RIGHT where my head was previously laying.

How disgusting is that!?  I HATE bugs in general, so why must each giant (I used to call them Texas) grasshopper in Springfield show up in my house?  Counting the one in our bed, that was the THIRD grasshopper killed today in our home.  It makes me sick to even think about.  We have NO idea where they're coming in at and where they are until they jump out next to us or worse...ON us!

Has anyone ever had this problem?  If so, how did you fix it, or did you?  I can't keep living my life worrying that some giant grasshopper is going to jump on me at any moment every where I go in my house.  My home is supposed to be a place of comfort and security, but with these grasshopper incidents becoming more frequent, I no longer feel comforted or safe.  :(
This picture does NOT do this GIANT ugly grasshopper justice.

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  1. Do you remember my friend Jill (the one who's had problems with people trying to break into her house)?

    Anyway, she's terrified. I was thinking about that last night and the scripture 2 Timothy 1:7 hit me. "God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

    In these situations I think the only thing to do is trust in God and get brand name grasshopper killer LOL! Grandma Gertie told Jill to get some wasp spray to sleep with in case someone gets in. I bet that would kill hoppers too :0)


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