Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cycle 3

Although I reported previously that I have felt at peace this cycle more than any other, that statement is quickly turning around.  I'm now on day 30 with no BFP or AF.  I called the doctors office yesterday just to talk to them about this past month.  I've had some super side effects from the Provera that I didn't have the other two months.  After I wrote down the list of "side effects" from the medicine, I looked back at them and couldn't believe how much they resemble pregnancy symptoms.  Here's the list.
  1. EXTREME fatigue
  2. Unexplained dizziness (which lead to nausea)
  3. Itchiness (where my arm and chest meet--I could/cannot stop scratching)
  4. Hunger that is breaking the bank
  5. Urinating every 2 hrs--pretty much on the hour (normally I can go 6 hrs without my visit, and no I didn't drink any more than normal)
It's crazy for me to look at this list because they are all typical symptoms of pregnancy, but I have not gotten a BFP (except for the 29th of April).  I did ask the nurse if the medicine would cause a false positive, and she said no.  The weird thing is I received an instant BFP the second cycle of Provera too, but I could never get another one after that.  It's incredibly strange to me, but I'm having to take it with a grain of salt.

The nurse told me that if AF shows up anytime before next Tuesday to call immediately so we can set up an ultrasound within day 5-9 of my next cycle.  Also, she said that if AF DOESN'T show up by next Tuesday to call then and she'll have to talk to Dr. M about what to do next because they give a 10 day window after coming off Provera for AF to start.  She said if I am pregnant, I wouldn't have any BFP's until next week.  So, we'll see.  My guess is that AF will show up around day 8 of the 10 day wait which will fall on Sunday.

Below is a picture of how I examine every HPT that I take.  Yes, I tilt my head, I tilt the stick, I squint my eyes...don't think I'm crazy, I just want to make sure I'm seeing things correctly.

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  1. Oh boy... Haha! That picture is ME looking at my own pregnancy tests! Don't worry sweety, you are not crazy. So sorry to hear, you too are having struggles getting pregnant. God is so good, and it will be in His perfect timing! You will be in my prayers! <3

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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