Monday, April 11, 2011

SOMEONE has to say it....

We all know of times in our life that we thought something, but we wouldn't ever dare to say it out loud because we were to too afraid that people would think we're random, weird, or whatever else people say about others.  So, here's my list of things that I've always thought, but I never said out loud!

  1. For those of us on the fertility journey we all have heard this one..."Maybe it's not Gods timings" or "Maybe you should try not thinking about"....ummm...NOT!  If I hear those words one more time from someone I think I just might go crazy (even more so than I am now!).  Like they really know why we're having fertility issues!  It's hard enough on us--LEAVE US BE!
  2. Oh here's my favorite *rolls eyes*--"You look so natural holding that little girl*--uh, yeah, maybe because I LOVE KIDS and WANT more than ANYTHING to be a mom!  Do they ever think twice before they speak?  It's hard enough that I am having issues having a child of my own, but I do NOT want to hear how "natural" it looks for me to take care of someone elses child when I can't have one of my own!
  3. When did it become okay for guys to wear their pants below their butts?  If you're going to wear a belt, make sure that it's buckled ABOVE the buttocks--please and thank you!
  4. Ladies-please please PLEASE do NOT substitute pants for tights...I don't care how small you are, it's trashy looking when your shirt is used for a dress and comes above your butt and your tights are the only thing between your bare skin and everyone elses eyes!
  5. Okay-Who in their right mind would ever produce a kids television show whose characters are named Dipsy, Tinky Winky, Laa Laa, and Po!?!?  REALLY!?  What was going through their minds?  (obviously not much--look at those names, they're not even names I'd want my kids associating with!!!)
  6. Is it me or are the secular songs on the past few years getting ridiculous?  Since when was a song about whipping your hair back and forth worth buying...much less listening to???
  7. It's ridiculous that AT&T stopped allowing people to purchase unlimited data plans!  I don't want to pay and extra $15 every time I accidentally go over my data plan! 
  8. Who ever invented the ear plugs was a genius!  I will forever be thankful for their product until the day that I die!
  9. Facebook seems to keep changing even though most people are not satisfied with the newest and most "up to date" setup!  If they give me the option of not trying out the new facebook after it's launched and I choose not to convert--I DONT want to be FORCED to change if I don't want to!  They're not my boss, but they seem to think that they can control my social (media) life!--Don't they know that I don't deal well with change!?!?
  10. Myspace isn't cool anymore.  Everyone has moved on.  Blogging is the cool thing to do now!


  1. Hey sweet girl. Good for freakin you! Guess your getting over your having to please all the time and you know what that's a step forward. I'm not gonna feed you platitudes about having a baby. I tried so hard for a long time too and I feel your pain sweet girl. Cry, get mad, fight, shake your fist and whatever else you need to do. BTW I linked your blog to mine like you asked.. Im so dumb I didn't think to do it to start with. Sorry.


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