Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten Guilty Pleasures

Alright ladies and gentlemen...let's fess up!  We all have those guilty pleasures in our life.  So, here's mine!
  1. McDonald's Sweet Tea--There are no words that I could use that are good enough to describe the party my taste buds have when I drink McDondalds sweet tea.  As a girl in our youth said, "it's like nectar from God."
  2. McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookies--the 3 for $1 thing has be twisted around its sweet little morsels of chocolate!   This is DEFINITELY a comfort food (as long as they're fresh and hot) paired with the sweet tea.
  3. McDonald's Custard  Pie--I literally will travel around town for them when they are in season.  This year I stalked all the local McDonalds after MY McDonald's RAN OUT (shame on them--didn't they know I needed my custard pies?!?!)
  4. DQ's Strawberry Cheesequake (yes, quake, not cake) with chocolate chip pieces mixed in--my oh my!  Every bite changes from tasting like a chocolate covered strawberry to a strawberry cheesecake with chocolate drizzle...it's just SOOO delicious.
  5. School supplies--Yeah, I'm strange.  I can't help it.  Ever since I was a little kid I would immediately go to the school supplies section of walmart (or whatever store we were in) and gaze at the array of highlighters, pens, papers, stamps, tape, scissors...you name it, I drooled over it.  I guess it stems from me wanting to be a teacher when I "grow up".
  6. Dollar Tree Stores--I'm so addicted to those stores.  I go there because EVERYTHING is "ONLY $1".  I use that excuse to convince my husband to let me go and get something I "need" when really I just want to see what new $1 things they have for me to buy!
  7. Sonic Route 44 Strawberry Slushies--mmmmmmmmm!  There's nothing like Happy Hour at Sonic! (especially after failing a physical science test at school!)
  8. Clearance isle at Walmart--I can NEVER into a Walmart without hunting down their clearance isle, especially after a major holiday!  I'm SOOO excited that Easter is going to be over soon because candy goes on SALE!!!
  9. Looking at expensive houses/neighborhoods--I LOVE to look at other peoples homes.  I've always dreamed of owning a large home (and of course paying someone ELSE to clean it).  As my old pastor once said, I love looking at the houses, but I thank God I'm not making that payment!
  10. Listening to Delilah and her sappy love songs--I grew up listening to Delilah.  I was always a dreamer.  Every time I heard a story on Delilah, I would dream that it was me requesting that song for my love!  Plus, she has such a soothing voice.  It's ironic...she's been married multiple times, but she is the queen of love songs!
So now that you know my guilty pleasures, what are yours?  I'd love if you would create your own blog post with your guilty pleasures listed!  Would ya do that for me?!?!  I can't wait to hear your responses.  


  1. The dollar store rocks :) I LOVE it.

    And now I need to try DQ's Strawberry Cheesequake. That sounds delicious ;)

  2. Wicked warm brownie, with cold vanilla ice cream scoop and 1 scoop of fresh cream, n then melted choc on all...yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...tht tops my guilty pleasure list!!!:D
    Lovely post!:)



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