Saturday, March 5, 2011

Apparently we are one of "THOSE" people...

You know those people who leave their Christmas lights on their house year round?  Or those people who leave their Christmas decorations and tree up in their house until it's almost time to put them back up for the next year?  Well, I have ALWAYS thought "those" people were ridiculous, lazy (maybe), or just SUPER busy.

This year, WE are "those people".  Here's a few pictures of what "those people" haven't put away yet (keep in mind these were taken tonight).

Don't judge us, we have a life!  :)

This is our tree.  It's been up since November.  It's been up so long that the bottom limbs of the tree are coming off and some of the ornaments are off too.  Ha! 

Yes!  Those are our stockings.  The one on the left is my husbands not mine!

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