Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yeah, I know...I'm a horrible blogger

I've been SO busy with this CNA class that I never updated (as Leah so kindly pointed out to me on facebook). You would NOT believe everything that I've done in the last month (yes, it's been over a month since I updated). I've done everything from getting pooped on the first day of clinicals to having a lady (who never speaks-ever), tell me bye after my first day at that facility. Clinicals are over now (as of Friday) but I still have one more week of class left.

As far as my tests each week go, I've passed all of them! I have definitely done better in this class than I have any other class. I actually made a 98% on my midterm. I was so excited. I took my class final the week before last and made a 92%. Also, on the same day, I took my State Written Exam. I was so nervous because if we do not pass with an 80% or higher, we would have to re-take the exam and pay another $115 for another test. Thankfully, I made a 93% on it so I PASSED! The next day (after my written test) I took the physical part of my State Test. We had 9 skills we had to get checked off on before we could pass. Well, once again, I passed!

So, as of last Thursday, I am officially a CNA! I feel so accomplished. I feel like I can truly help people now rather than help people with their coffee addictions, like when I worked at Starbucks. I was to the point in my school career where I was supposed to graduate this coming Spring but that isn't going to happen. I had let the fact that all of my friends were graduating, getting married and having babies get to me. I realized throughout this entire process that I can do what I set my mind to. I feel more accomplished because I now have a career (yeah, it may involve wiping grown adults rear end sometimes-but that's okay)! I will always have job security if I decided to continue on with it.

Speaking of jobs, I forgot to tell you, I HAVE A JOB! I'm now employed with Integrity Home Care here in Springfield, Mo. I will be going to peoples homes and helping them with their daily needs (making their bed, helping them around the house, just whatever they need). I'm so thankful that God has provided a path for me that involved helping others, because that is truly my heart!

Well, there ya go! There's my update! Sorry it took so long but now you know what has happened the last month or so.

I'm starting my orientation with Integrity next Tuesday and the following week I start back to school at Evangel so pray that the Lord will be with me!

*Alicia Marie*

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  1. I'm so proud of you for all you've accomplished. Congratulations!


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