Monday, December 12, 2011

What Google taught me

When I first realized that my blog was taken off the internet by Google without my permission, I was angry.  Seriously, angry.  I bet I typed the URL to my blog 50 times by hand (rather than going to my bookmarks) in hopes to get it to pull up.  But, nothing.  I sent requests to Google in hopes of finding out why I couldn't access my blog, but again, nothing. 

A few days went by, and my anger turned into sadness.  I missed my only connection to the people who understand what I am going through the most.  I missed my bloggy friends and reading about their lives.  I even started a second blog just so that I could post and try and find all of my bloggy friends that I follow.  The thought of missing out on important information in your lives that you were willing to share made me sad.  I didn't know if I could find you guys again.  I mean, it took me months to stumble upon each and every one of your blogs, and it took seconds for you all to disappear.  I began to kick myself over and over again for not saving backup copies of my important posts.  No lie, I felt like my life had been taken from me.  Maybe you think that's a little dramatic, but I have spent at least the last nine months pouring my heart out on this blog, and all the sudden everything I had ever felt and talked about was taken from me, and there is nothing I could do about it.  

Needless to say, I'm beyond thankful that I have my blog back!  From now on, any and all "important" posts will be backed up on my computer just in case my blog gets shut down for unexplainable reasons again.

So, I've realized this...

  1. Backup any and all important posts because they're more important to me than I realize.
  2. My bloggy friends meant more to me than I ever thought.  Each and every one of you.


  1. You are so sweet and I'm so very happy to know you.

    I'm going to back up my posts now. ;) I lost a whole manuscript several months ago. That was such a pain to write all over again, but I've gotten better at writing, so I figured it was for the best anyway lol I guess I'm just trying to see the bright side of that situation, any way I can ;)

    I'm glad everything worked out with your blog.

  2. I am deff taking your advice on that one. All of my important posts will be printed out from this point on. They need to be. :)

    I could understand your frustration. I would be HYSTERICAL! All your bloggy friends will make their way back to you. :P

  3. whoa it got taken down without your consent?! I wonder how that happened! that would be my nightmare I think! glad everything worked out for you in the end :)

  4. Yeah! So glad you got it all figured out! This happened to me several months back and I thought I was going to have a stroke!


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