Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh, Pintrest!

I've recently been obsessed with Pintrest.  There are SO many things on that website to keep my mind occupied for hours!  While the kids are napping, I've taken the time to indulge myself in the world of Pintrest, and here's what I've gotten out of it so far.

  • This particular pin made me smile.  Why?  Because yesterday Luke and I went to get our hair cut.  "Okay...", you may say.  No, not okay.  The lady seemed nice at first.  She was very easy to talk to.  We were chatting up a storm, and then she asks me if I have kids.  BAM!  Slap in the face of this infertile #1.  I politely say, "no, we don't have any children, but we want them."  A few minutes pass and she asks what I do for a living, and I gladly tell her that I run an in-home daycare.  She then asks about how many children I take care of, and I tell her, and she seemed shocked.  She then said, "I could never watch that many children at one time, I guess it's a good thing that you don't have any children of your own.  That's gotta be the best birth control ever!"  Cue this picture....!
  •  All I've gotta say is.... ONE DAY!!!

  • The next two pictures will melt your heart.  Seriously.  You're gonna say, "awwwwww..." Who wouldn't want one of both?!?!  Personally, If I had the penguin, I'd put him in my pocket and carry him around, and when I got sad I would just give him a big ole' squeeze and life would automatically be better!
Told ya, he's so stinking squeezable!

  • This one is genius.  Seriously.  Genius!  Whoever invented this deserves millions and millions of currency!  Honestly, I think it's genius for one (maybe two-- *wink*) reasons, but before I tell you why I think this person deserves millions, let me tell you what this picture represents.  This is a picture of a set of pillows that light up when the opposite person lays on their pillow.  Also, there is a band the two wear while they sleep, and it allows the other person to hear their heart beat.  Now tell me that isn't cool!?!  It's great for long distance relationships, but it's even better for marriage.  If you've got a snoring husband  spouse that is driving you insane and keeping you awake throughout the entire night, here's your solution!  Throw out your earplugs and get a set of these pillows, and then send him that person to a separate room for the night.  You can rest peacefully knowing that you'll be falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat rather than his their incessant snoring! *disclaimer--this was in no way directed towards any one specifically my husband or any party*

  • I love being in the rain.  I love to watch the clouds roll across the sky, changing color, texture and depth.  Now, imagine yourself lying outside in a field, in the rain, watching storms pass with your love next to THIS! *see below*
I, personally, would have put a big comfy bed in it with lots of fluffy pillows because I'm girlie like that!

  •  I'm a sucker for love.  Love quotes. Love songs. Lovey-lovey-lovey-love!!!!!
Uhh...Lucky girl!  ...she gets Starbucks!

BLING!!!! Yes, please?!?!

The last one is my favorite!

  • Lastly, I want one of these.  I want to make some, too.  I love this idea!


  1. I REALLY want a pet pig. Specifically that one. But, if not, I'll settle for a little piggie thats similar. How adorable!! They are my fav animal FYI. :)

    and Pintterest...everyone's talking bout it and I've have yet to venture over. I gotta do it :)

  2. People are very rude about the infertility thing - just ignore them. I was diagnosed with infertility and ended up having two wonderful children eventually. Then I turned 40 and quite unexpectedly wasn't infertile anymore. Yikes.

  3. Those are awesome! I need to figure out how in the heck to navigate that site.

    Oh and I totally agree, some people do need to be high fived to the face LOL!

  4. hahaha does it still count as a high five if you use a chair, most have only four legs after all..hahaha

    Awesome pics and if I say I inventive those pillows will you send my the millions dollars?..haha

  5. Have you met Maggie from Padded Cell confessions? You really should find her on my blog. She is hilarious and just wrote a post almost exactly like this. I bet you two would get along great!

  6. I also am sucked into pinterest. I limit myself now to only pin new things once I have finished the old. :)

    And I totally want one of the inflatable out door rooms.


  7. I love listening to the sound of the rain on the roof as I doze in bed so that bubble with a big fluffy bed would be right up my alley!!! Give me a pet pig to cuddle and I would be set!
    Thank you Melynda for hooking us up!!

  8. AGHHHH I lOVE this post. I saw it right after you left your comment, but could not figure out how to comment on my phone.
    Well.. actually.. the first part of your post made me cringe. The NERVE of that lady! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The picture you posted after the story describes my thoughts exactly.
    I love the teeny animals you posted. omg!! I never thought I'd want a pig so badly hehe. Can I keep him please? The penguin is adorable too.. I just LOVE them.
    I'm totally confused by the light up heartbeat pillows. I DO NOT GET IT. lol It sounds cool, but I'm slow!
    I also very much so love the see-through lil room thingy. haha. OMG it looks like paradise. I would be at peace in something like that. ESPECIALLY during a rainstorm. I LOVE the rain.
    This post was awesome. I totally enjoyed it. Thank you!


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