Saturday, October 1, 2011

What do you think? AKA: TMI post

So lately strange things have been happening to me. Let me proceed...
  • I've been having VERY vivid dreams.  I've always remembered my dreams, but these top the cake!  They're so real that I wake up and feel like my body just went through exactly whatever happened in the dream.  For example, last week I had a dream that I was in bed and all the sudden I felt a kick (like a baby kick) on my left side.  Now, this "kick" wasn't just a light one, it was a full on pull-your-leg-all-the-way-back and KICK kind.  It was a very unpleasant and unexpected one.  I remember almost doubling over in my dream from the pain from the kick.  I woke up at the point in my dream where I was waking my husband up to tell him that something kicked me (I was quite stunned considering I wasn't even pregnant).  When I woke up, I had a horrible pain on my left side exactly where I was kicked in my dream.  I've been having dreams of pregnancy the past two weeks, and VERY vivid dreams the past month.  
  • Aside from having dreams of pregnancy, I've been having some pretty weird things happen to my body.  *Here comes the TMI part*  My girls have decided to grow more the past month and a half than they have the last six years.  Seriously.  They hurt, they are huge, heavy and veiny (you know, those blue ones--yeah, they're everywhere)
  • I know I felt a baby move in my belly during a dream, but I swear my mind is pulling a very mean trick on me.  There are days, especially the past two weeks, where I will be in bed or sitting down where I will feel movement in my stomach.  It started out as flutters (possibly gas) and is now becoming more pronounced.  I'm seriously beginning to think that I am pregnant (which would take a miracle) or I have some serious gas problems (or others would think possibly psychological).  
  • My skin is gross!  There are patches of skin that are brownish (and I'm a ghost) and they're noticeable (to me at least!).  I've never had a problem with breakouts, but lately I can't get rid of them!  
  • Since my Gyno decided to have me skip a month of Provera (and after 70 days of no Aunt Flo) he realized that was a bad idea, i've not had a normal period.  It's like almost non-existent.  I know Provera is supposed to thin out the lining, but even before on Provera I actually bled.  Now it's more of a spotting that I barely notice for 2-3 days (rather than the 'normal' 5).  
  • My hair is growing like crazy.  Everywhere.  (attractive, huh?!)
  • There's also more, but I'll leave them out because this list is just freaking me out.
In my previous post I mentioned going to the Gyno again on the 13th.  These are all the reasons why! I feel that either I'm pregnant (yes I've taken tests and all have been negative) or something is incredibly wrong in my body, and I need to figure out what it is either way.  I honestly don't know what to think.  

Any suggestions as to what's going on with me?  Alien invasion? I'm just plain crazy?  Your suggestion are seriously welcomed.

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  1. I hope the OBGYN can help.

    I wonder if this is your body's reaction because you want to be pregnant so badly? Does that sound crazy?

    I was just thinking all of that because after Zeke died, I kept seeing a little boy walking around the house. (I know this makes me sound nuts.) But seriously, my son had just died and I wanted him to live SOOO much. My mind couldn't handle it.

    I ended up talking to a few people and the hallucinations went away. I was glad when they did too because seeing him every day was pure torture.

    Sometimes trials can make weird things happen with our bodies. Trying to cope with something devastating . . . it's hard.

    I'm praying for you AND hoping you're pregnant.

    Oh and thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. I'm so thankful to know you. You always bring a smile to my face.

    God has an AMAZING plan for you. I just can't wait to see it unfold to its full glory. Sometimes the trials can be so hard though. I can't imagine what you must be going through.

    Please let me know if you need anything.


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