Friday, October 14, 2011

Doctor Appointment

Yesterday I went back to the GYNO.  I was hoping for answers, but that didn't happen.  When I got there I had to give a urine sample and then I was sent back into a room where I waited on Dr. M to come see me.  When he came in, he asked me about what brought be back to see him, so I told him everything.  He then proceeded to do a pap smear and pressed around on my belly.  After that exam he told me he would be back in a few minutes to talk with me.  As he said, he came back to get me and we went into his office.  He told me that I need to find a general physician and that he wants me in to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound next Thursday.  He also wanted me to go to the lab and have blood drawn to check my hormone levels and to test for pregnancy.  So, I'm assuming that I won't get those results until I see him again next Thursday, unless the blood test comes back positive for pregnancy.  

I'm SOOOO over this pain.  I have always lived with pain (which I eventually found out was from the PCOS), but this has become unbearable.  It's a pain I just can't knock no matter how many pain pills I take or how many prayers I pray.  I'm just ready to get my life back....I want to feel whole again.

bahaha!  How creepy!


  1. SO hard. I hope everything will go well next week.

    P. S. That Elmo is crazy LOL!

  2. K elmo needs to die. What is that? I know what your comment meant on yesterday's post I'm sorry your going through this kiddo. Hope you get some good news soon. :)


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