Saturday, August 13, 2011


I'm on a journey to healing.  Healing of my heart, my my mind, and my soul.  This fertility journey has stolen many aspects of my life, including happiness, and I'm BEYOND ready to take it back!  I'm beginning a book called Hannah's Hope.

Last weekend when Luke and I went on our "date," we stopped by the Christian bookstore on the south side of town.  I immediately went to the parenting section to seek out infertility books (ironic, huh?).  I wanted a Christian perspective on our situation, but to my surprise, they did not have even one book about infertility.  They had TONS of books on parenting, and adoption too, but NONE on infertility.  My heart ached for a few minutes because I had hoped to find a book.  I found the manager of the store and asked him if they carried any books on infertility.  He looked it up in the system, and once again they didn't have anything.  They've never ordered infertility books because of the overwhelming need for adoption and parenting books.  He could see the disappointment in my face due to not having even a single book, so the kind man asked me to follow him to the back.  He went straight to a computer, and he started looking something up.  He searched out for christian infertility books that he might be able to have shipped to his store.  As we were going down the list, the "Hannah's Hope" book popped out.  I read the following description, "Hannah’s Hope offers insightful and heartfelt encouragement for couples dealing with infertility, miscarriage or failed adoption. Building on the story of Hannah (First Samuel, chapter 1), Jennifer Saake interweaves her personal experiences with advice gleaned from over ten years of providing aid to grieving families through the support network she co-founded with husband Rick, Hannah’s Prayer Ministries. While remaining true to the very real and anguishing emotions of longing for a child, Jenni continually directs her readers back to the comfort and strength of a compassionate God. Each chapter concludes with a special “Burden Bearers” section offering practical suggestions for pastors, family members and friends."  When I read the description, I felt I should order it.  So, I did! 

I received a call from the bookstore Thursday afternoon, and by Friday afternoon the book was in my hands!  I've only just begun reading it, but I hope and pray that this book will help bring me peace and the healing I've been needing.  I can't wait to share with you what the Lord has done in my life through this book.


  1. It sounds amazing! I'm excited to hear your review at the end. ;)

  2. I've been looking for something for hope and healing myself. I downloaded this book to my ereader today. We'll have to share notes while we read. :-) Thanks for the recommendation!!


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