Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who won?

I had come home from work last Monday and was tidying up the house a bit when I heard my phone beep from an incoming text.  It was from my mom.  I opened the message, and inside was the following picture.
I automatically think, "oh my word, what happened!?!?!"  Before my mind started racing a million different directions, my phone went off again.  Here's the following text.
My mind began to race.  What on earth did my dad do that would make his windshield cave in?  I mean, I first thought he backed into another tree and hit his head again, but when I saw the picture above, I realized something hit him.  I immediately sent my mom a text back asking her if dad was okay and what happened that would cause such damage to the windshield and my dad's face.  Her response, ladies and gentlemen was this....
A turkey flew into his windshield.  I don't know that I've ever laughed so hard in my life.  I didn't even know turkey's could fly, especially not high enough to hit a windshield, but apparently they can.  So I ask you, who won?  The turkey or my dad?  


  1. Holy cow! What are the odds of that! I think your dad won, absolutely. I know people who hunt for turkeys every fall and still don't have an awesome picture like that last one. I'm glad your dad's all right.

  2. Brings a whole new meaning to playing chicken--or turkey? =P Glad he's O.K.


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