Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I may not go out with my friends here in Springfield like I should, or at all, but I have to admit something.  I have some of the best internet friends that I could ever ask for.  You ladies and gents have made me incredibly happy over the past few months.  You've been so supportive, and for that I'm truly thankful!

The Lord has put certain people in my life during specific seasons that I believe He knew would help build me up in faith, friendship, and love.  As I went throughout the day today ( the 2 year anniversary of Poppie's passing), I was given reminders that built me up emotionally.  I was reminded that though I am weak, I am strong.  I am beautiful and I loved.  I was also reminded that love knows no boundaries, and friendship is an everlasting bond.

I've realized that some of the best friends I've had were ones that I rarely see, yet their friendship and love for me transcends beyond the distance between us.  I will never understand what I have done to deserve such faithful, helpful, kind and loving friends, but I am SOOOO immensely blessed beyond measure!

So, thank you to those who have been here for me, supporting me through my funny, happy, sad, hormonal, and heart-breaking days.  You truly are a blessing to me, and I can never express the love and gratitude that I have for you!

Always remember, As you have been for me, I will be here for you no matter what's going on in your life.  I will be kind, and understanding.  Most of all, I will show you the love and support you deserve...always!

Your long distance friend,
Alicia Marie

I thought this was super cute, so I put it on here!


  1. this was sweet! Wishing you the best in your journey!

  2. It's an honour to be a distant friend, thank you


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