Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is what I was born to do!

I was talking with Luke on the way to church the other night about it being four years since I graduated from Sheridan High School.  It amazes me how fast that time went by.  While I was talking about graduation, I recalled my first mission trip.  I went the Summer after my high school graduation to Venezuela and worked with the missionaries, Gary and Patty Heiney.  Although I only spent a week in Venezuela, it was there that I KNEW without a doubt that I was called to work with children.  I knew that I was called to do something great for this world.  I was called to serve.  This July will be four years since I was last in Venezuela, but the yearning to help children has never left my heart.  I wish that I could go back to Venezuela or go somewhere else to help starving children, but right now that seems impossible.

I follow a blog that is stationed in Uganda, Africa.  Their blog is called Be "The Hands and Feet".  The pictures are numbing.  Everyone has seen commercials for organizations in Africa where they post pictures of children's faces dirty with mud and tears streaming down their cheeks.  It wasn't until this blog that I was allowed to see the REAL need and hurt in that country.  The pictures will make you want to cry.  The desperation in those little frail bodies is beyond comprehension.  This organization is amazing.  When I visited their webpage, I read what their organization is all about.  Basically, they're amazing!  When I was called into ministry, it wasn't necessarily to be a pastors wife, but it was to help children.  When I imagine myself doing mission work, I imagine myself doing exactly what this organization does!  It's exactly what I was born to do.   The transformation they're making in the children's lives is astounding.  If you have a moment, visit their blog and webpage and also say a prayer for them.  They're amazing people doing amazing things!

My heart longs for the day to be a mom, but most of all it longs to help children.  Maybe that's why I'm getting a degree in Human Services...maybe I felt led to become a CNA for this very reason.  Maybe God really is preparing me for something amazing that I have no concept of yet.  I hope and pray that God will reveal His plan for my life soon.  I just want to make a difference somewhere.  If not through a child of my own then maybe through the life of a malnourished orphaned child half-way across the world.


  1. Hello my friend. I feel your pain on this one. Living in France I saw many children suffering and my parents reaching out to help them. It seemed at times like no good came from their sacrifice but in all honesty after over 30 years of mission work they have seen progress. Don't give up your dream.
    Thanks for your comment yesterday. I was thinking of you this week. Just wanted you to know that.

  2. What an awesome site! I love the picture of you with the kids. You're so pretty and such an amazing person. I think you could help so many children--that's a phenomenal calling.

  3. Oh my! I want to go on a Missions trip so badly. God is really pulling my heart. Can I say I am a tad bit jealous of your beautiful trip! ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by again lady. Glad you got a laugh at my bare face. If it makes you feel better I now have brows and eyelashes! yeah!

  5. Mama and I sponsor a child in Kenya. We have had 32 foster children. We have three grand children, two of which are from other countries. Mama's passion is children - mine is helping parents be better parents.


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