Sunday, April 3, 2011

Postcard extravaganza

I told you guys in a previous post that I teamed up with Amber to swap postcards.  I've since decided to join a another postcard swap, and it's called postcrossing.  All I had to do was sign up with a user name and password and then I was ready!  When I'm ready to send a postcard I click a link on their site and they send me the name, address, and country of a person to send a postcard too.  It's that simple.  Also, they send me that persons profile so I can view their likes, dislikes, and whatever else they decided to say about themselves.  Whenever you get a new persons' address, they also give you a code to write on the card so that it can become registered once they received it.  It's actually pretty cool.  I sent out my first 5 postcards (3 of which were in the USA and 2 of them to places I had never heard of).  Once they receive my postcard, they'll get on their postcrossing page and register my postcard.  After my first card is registered I'm then next in line to receive cards.

I'm so excited about getting mail again that I got on google and searched for postcards in bulk.  I bought 200 unused postcards (an assortment, of course) for $20!  You have NO idea how stoked, yes I said stoked, I was/am!

Anyway, I thought I'd share my happiness with the world!

Postcards Exchange

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