Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If I were to die young...

A conversation Sunday night at church sparked some ideas in my head about the blog you're about to read.  We were talking about public speaking, and a friend told me a story that her public speaking teacher told her class.  You see, the teacher gave an assignment which was for the students to choose a special event and talk about it.  One of the students chose to do his own funeral.  He got in front of everyone and presented how his funeral would happen and what things were said.  That mans speech had me thinking about my funeral.  I've often wondered how people would react if I were to die, but I've never thought about what I want people to remember me by or what will be said at the funeral.

So, if I were to die, here's what I would want people to hear at my funeral.....

Alicia Marie Hartley was first and foremost a lover of the Lord.  Although she faced many struggles throughout her short life, she never gave up her faith in the Lord.  Her calling in ministry was one that she struggled with for a few years, but before long, she began her ministry in Venezuela.  After her first trip to Venezuela, Alicia quickly realized that the Lord had a big plan for her.  Soon after, she began attending Evangel University in Springfield, MO where she met the love of her life, Luke Hartley, and married on September 19, 2009.  Alicia was born in Arkansas to her parents Steve and Joyce Partridge. Alicia's sibling, Michaela Partridge, meant the world to her and was always held dear to her heart.

Alicia's compassion towards people is what made her the person she was.  She loved any and everyone no matter where they came from.  If I were to ask you all why you're here, you would probably say that Alicia was your friend. But, as Alicia's friend, you probably feel that it was Alicia's compassion towards you that made you feel like you could call her a friend.  Alicia never took friendships lightly.  She loved unconditionally, and she forgave quickly.  Alicia spent her short life loving everyone around her and lending a helping hand whenever someone was in need.

Music was also another part of Alicia's life that people recognized her for.  She loved music from the day she was born.  Although she is no longer leading worship beside her fellow pianist Pam Behling, she is now singing glorious melodies and praises unto her Heavenly Father.  

Alicia left behind many family members and countless people she gladly called friends.  Today we may be saying goodbye to Alicia, but we will always have the memories we shared with her to carry around in our hearts and minds forever.  

By request of Alicia, she asked that all money used for flowers and memorials be given to one of the two organizations she held dearly to her heart, Convoy of Hope in Springfield, MO (http://www.convoyofhope.org/) or to the AG Missionaries in Venezuela- Gary and Patty Heiney (Samuels House


  1. You're so amazing. That's beautiful.

  2. Wow, Alicia, this is very inspiring. You are such a heartfelt person. Thank you for sharing this post.

    I have added you to the BLOGS I LOVE list and, i recieved your most awesome postcard, which I will be showing of soon on my blog!
    Have a great day.


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