Friday, March 25, 2011


Well, the puppies that I blogged about a few weeks ago are now almost six weeks old.  Here are pictures of them (two of each.)
This is Lady, the mom of the puppies.
This is Buddy, the dad of the puppies.
This is the mom and dad of the puppies.  Although, Buddy is bigger now.


  1. They are soooooooo cute!!! I wish we could take one of them but we had a horrible experience last year with our dogs (ended up giving one away to a friend) that Emar has vowed to be a "1 pet household." I love how they are all different! Do you have homes for them yet or do you need help advertising them? :)

  2. Now we want to see pics of mom and dad of the pups!!

  3. oh my goodness, they are adorable!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have a seperate blog for my postcards now up and running, and Id love for you to go check it out, also note that your card is one of the cards in my header picture! Isn't it lovely! YEAH ME.. so grab a new POSTCARD SWAP BUTTON and share the love!

  4. I guess you need the postcard swap blog url, huh!


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