Friday, March 25, 2011

It may be raining outside, but.....

"It may be raining outside, but the sun is shining in my heart today!"

Man oh man, it is a great day for Alicia Marie!  Want to know why?  Good!  Let me tell you a story!

Once upon a time there was a little fairy that worked for the tax people.  This little fairy had been watching a girl named Alicia Marie and knew how hard things had been for her lately.  So, one night while Alicia Marie was sleeping, he decided to visit her bank account.  During his visit, he threw around some magical fairy dust and *POOF!* suddenly Alicia Marie's bank account was changed.  Changed you may ask...Yes, changed!  That little tax fairy had given back some of the money that those mean people had taken from her throughout the past year.  The following morning, Alicia Marie woke up and checked her bank account (even though she checked it the night before).  To Alicia's surprise there was more money than she expected in her account!  Not only was it PAY DAY for Alicia after working hard last week, the little tax fairy had visited her account while she was sleeping too!  Alicia Marie couldn't have been happier...OR COULD SHE?!?!  While happiness streamed through the veins in Alicia's blood, she logged on to her blog.  Alicia then proceeded to check out her friends' blog updates.  The first update on her blog dashboard was by Amber who posted a blog about Alicia Marie!  You see, Amber started a postcard swap which Alicia joined.  Today, Amber blogged about the postcard she received from Alicia (pictures of the postcard included).  This made Alicia Marie incredibly happy!  

So, it's pay day and the little fairy who works for the tax people visited Alicia's bank account...AND she was debuted on one of her blog friends' page!  

How cool is that!?!?

WAY COOL I tell you!


  1. What a great day ;)

    P. S. I LOVE the picture of the tax fairy! Too awesome LOL!

  2. =) You are such a person of kind nature. Thanks for sharing my name on your blog! I am glad that we are blog buddies! And ITs my pleasure to share your post card with everyone. It was fantastic. ♥


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