Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Storms of Life

The other night as storms were rolling through,  I laid in my bed thinking about my life.  The past, the present and even what the future is going to hold.  The rain was flowing off of our roof, the thunder was rolling over our house, and lighting was flashing through the blinds in our room.  As I was recalling the past, the Lord placed something in my mind which quickly set into my heart for assurance.

Just like a storm, situations in life slowly creep up on you as things in life seem calm, shake your world up, and slowly dissipate.  That thought had me realize how true it is in my life.  Just when things seemed like everything was okay, my world was calm and nothing was going on, out of no where a new storm in my life arose.  Sure, for a while, it shook my world, but as time passed so did the storm of life.  I'm so thankful that I have a Lord who is with me all the time, especially during those storms in my life.

My current storm, as you know, is trying to become pregnant.  Of course, right now my world is beginning to shake, but I know one day this storm will be over.  I look forward to the day that I can rejoice in knowing that I have a child to call my own.  Until then, Lord, I will praise You in this storm!  


  1. Hi Alicia Marie - Thanks for checking out my blog. I wanted to come over and answer your question. I am not sure what kind of parasite you had, but I had Giardia (I also had bacteria in my stomach when I was living in Nicaragua, plus numerous bouts of food poisioning). To my knowledge, this has not done anything to affect my ability to have children. I have PCOS, so I don't ovulate regularly and I discovered yesterday that my fallopian tubes were not open. Once I took the medicine to kill the little buggars, I was fine. But, to be sure, ask your doctor about the type of parasite you had and if it can cause you problems when you are trying to conceive. Thanks for following and I wish you the very best! (P.S. Se habla espanol?) :)

  2. Oh I wish you luck and love in getting pregnant. I used ovulation tests to get preggers, if you want to learn more, email me :).

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