Thursday, June 17, 2010

CNA day uno (1)

Well, my first day of CNA class has come and gone. It was basically paperwork that had to be filled out and turned back in. Although, we did get to start our first unit which told us why it's important to be a CNA. Yeah, interesting stuff huh? HA!

Here's something funny...I left the house early to make sure that I found my classroom. Well, I get to the school and to the classroom and I'm the first one there...and I'm 30 minutes early. So, I sit and wait and wait and wait. By the time 7:50 rolled around (which was 5 minutes late) the teacher finally showed up. She told us they were moving the class from the 3rd floor to the first floor. So, all 27 of us took our things downstairs and we got lost. So we walked all over the building for about 10 minutes before we found our class. Well, we all get in there and they start handing out books. The teacher tells us that if she didn't give us one or call our names, we'd have to go to another building. Of course, my name wasn't called so I headed to the Continuing Education building. We went in (8 or 10 of us) and told them they didn't have our books and that we were sent there to pick them up. The lady proceeded to tell us that we didn't pay for our books (which we did because it was included in the registration cost). One lady thought that our books were sent up to the room so she went up there to find out what was going on. Another lady said that she knew they were in the building and started looking for them. Well, after 15 minutes of waiting, they found all but 3 books. And of course, my book was one of the 3 that they couldn't find. So, they gave me a loner book until my book comes in on Monday. Lame, huh? Yeah, I know...

I did find out that clinicals do not start until July. That is the part of the class that I'm the most nervous and excited about. I'm ready to work with the residents but afraid that I'm going mess up. I've always wanted to wear scrubs. I can't wait to pick them up on Monday! I know, it's stupid but wearing scrubs makes me think that person is important...almost like a doctor...but more like a glorified butt wiper.

So, I learned that I have to get 80% or higher in the class to qualify to take the state test. If I qualify for it then I have to pass the 75 question multiple choice state test with 80% on it in order to take the second portion of the test which is the physical part. I will have 9 tasks that I have to do for them to show them I am competent. When (yes, I'm begin positive) I pass the class and the state tests (both parts) I'll be handed my certification card and will automatically go into the registry of CNA's! Then, I'll be able to work at a nursing facility!

There's my update for now. Hopefully I'll be able to give better updates as time goes on and clinicals come around!

Thanks for the 1 follower! You have no idea how excited I was!


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