Tuesday, August 20, 2013


If you did your math correctly, the answer is 7. The two represents Luke and myself. The five represents the amount of foster children we now have, and seven would be the number of people living in my house.  Yes, that's right folks. We have FIVE children. Five children under the age of 4. That's a 4yro, 2yro (almost 3), 2yro, 1yro, and a 1 month old. Four of them are in diapers and/or pull-ups. Go ahead and say it...We're "crazy" (that's what everyone seems to think, anyway).

So, here's the story...

Remember me telling you about us having Baby M placed with us?  Well, she is the youngest sibling of a group of three.  The older two (Mr. Dinosaur and Miss Cuddle Bug) were our first placements that were taken to another foster home a week after being placed with us.  After Baby M was placed with us last month, the team and the judge decided that all three children were to be placed together. Luke and I were willing to make room for the children if licensing would approve us for five placements. After several phone calls and emails, we had the approval we were seeking, and the children moved in with us.

We had to make several adjustments from going from two children, to three, and then suddenly to five children. I had to quit my job. I mean, I had to resign immediately the day i found out we were getting Mr. Dinosaur and Miss Cuddle Bug back. I didn't have time for a two week notice, my time had to be spent with five children.  There was no way I could be a full time mom, full time employee, and a full time student as well. It would have been too much for me. The kids need me to give my best to them, and that's what I'm doing.  We also had to buy a van. The little vehicle we had barely fit two toddlers and an infant, so there was no way we could put five kids in it.  So, now we have a new (to us) van, and we are back to being a two vehicle family! (Can I get a THANK YOU JESUS for not having to drive Luke to work EVERY morning!?!?!)  People donated clothing to us, and we also had a crib given to us as well. We've been so blessed by people and their generosity. I couldn't be more grateful.

I'm not going to lie, our house always has clothes, sippy cups, or food on the floor. The laundry machines are pretty much always running, and I never seem to be able to reach the bottom of the laundry basket before it is filled up again. But, you know what? I wouldn't change it...not even one bit!

The endless amounts of laundry, the plethora of dirty dishes, and the toys scattered across the floor mean nothing to me.  It's the children that mean the world to me, and I will do whatever I can for them and will take care of them as best as we possibly can.

We've taken on a lot of responsibility with having five placements that are all so young, but they are our world. With every little cry, we respond with hugs and kisses. With every temper tantrum they have, we respond with love and understanding. These kids have been through so much in their short little lives so far, and we want what's best for them.

We know that reunification is always the goal, and we fully support that, but in the meantime...while we wait to see what happens with the children, we love them with all of our hearts. We care for them like there are no other responsibilities in life besides them. We let them know every day that when they come home from wherever they've been (whether that be daycare or visits with their parents) that they are safe and will be taken care of.

We may only live in a house with less than 1,000 sq. ft., but our home is bursting with lots of love and laughter, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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  1. Oh Alicia I can hear how much you are loving being a mommy!! See..God had this all planned out even as your heart hurt and your arms ached to hold a wee one. And goodness did HE bless ABUNDANTLY or what?! :) Rejoicing with you and so very thankful to the God of all comfort and love. Enjoy every moment...as I know you already are!!


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