Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Doctors...

Dear Doctors,
I'm tired of you asking me to come back every few months and not do anything I suggest or want.  You've given me the run around, and I don't appreciate it.  You've given me zero hope for having a baby, and you told me that everything from here on depended solely on my husbands test results.  I sent my husband to you so that you could help us in this journey, and all you've done was send him away with no hope, too.  I am really disliking you at this moment, and you've done nothing but break our hearts over and over again.  The least you could do is TRY to help us instead of constantly putting us off.  I'm beyond tempted to go elsewhere and get a second opinion for both Luke and myself, but you've broken my heart so many times that I'm afraid of hearing the same, harsh words that you've told me time and time again.  If it's my money that you wanted instead of helping us successfully conceive, then well done, you've succeeded.  Congratulations.

Your broken hearted patient.


  1. Oh Alicia,

    This breaks my heart for you.

    On a side note: America seriously needs to do something about the healthcare system. Medical costs are outrageous.

    I'm thinking of you today.

  2. I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. The most important lesson I learned in my IF journey has been to be my own advocate, do my own research and go into every appointment well read and on top of it, sometimes doctors need a push!


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