Friday, October 28, 2011

A new dynamic.

I'm not here to complain about this, I'm just here to simply update.  I never imagined our lives would turn out this way, but it is what we've been given to live with.

After my doctor appointment on October 13, I was asked to come back the following Thursday, October 22, so that I could have another Trans-vaginal Ultrasound done.  So, I did as I was asked, and I came back the next Thursday.  The Ultrasound took five minutes, and then we were sent to wait on the doctor.  A few minutes later, the nurse came and got us and took us to the Doctor's personal office to talk with him.  He said that according to the Ultrasound, there was nothing that showed why I would be in so much pain.  The cysts were still there, but everything else looked normal.  He said that it is a possibility that I may have Endometriosis because it would cause the kind of pain I've been having, but it wouldn't have shown up on the Ultrasound.  He said he wasn't going to look into that unless the pain continued over the next few months.  He asked me if we were serious about getting pregnant, and I just stared at him with a blank look on my face and then told him that we were serious about getting pregnant.  He said that the next step he was going to take was to put me on Clomid to help me ovulate so that I could (possibly) get pregnant.  But, before he would put me on it, he wanted Luke to do a semen analysis to make sure that that part of our situation was okay.  So, we did that. 

I worried all weekend, so when Monday came around I made sure to call and get the results.  After waiting all day for them to call me back, they called to tell me that the results weren't in yet.  I called the lab that we turned the test into, and they said the results had been sent to my doctor and they should have them, so Tuesday morning, I started calling to get the results.  The nurse called me back and said that the doctor wasn't in, but she had seen that I called a few times and decided to go ahead and look at the results for me.  She then told me that his results came back "abnormal."  Immediately I knew what that mean, and my heart sank.  I asked her what the specifics were, and she said that the normal count is supposed to be 20 million per milliliter (something like that ), and he has less than 2 million.  Also, she said something about his motility is really low too.  I asked the Nurse what the next steps were because the doctor said if Luke's tests didn't come back okay, He wasn't going to put me on Clomid.  She said that she was going to refer him to a Urologist, and that they weren't going to put me on Clomid until his numbers come up--if they will.  I asked her about doing an IUI, and she told me they wouldn't do it in the office with his numbers so low because it wouldn't work and would be useless.  When she told me that, I started to cry, and told her that I needed to go.  Another barrier against me getting pregnant had just appeared, and now we're facing male AND female infertility. 

I never expected that there was another problem besides me.  Never.  So, now we are faced with a new dynamic, but I'm not giving up--I'm just going to become pushy towards the doctors so that we can be as proactive as possible.


  1. Wow--how crazy is that?! I'm glad he found out though. Maybe the doctors will be able to help more effectively now. I'm hoping for that. :)

  2. I'm so sorry. Infertility really does hurt, but just remember that while it's beating you up it's also making you stronger. I'll be praying for you guys.


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