Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Olivia's tragedy--part two

Just in case you're just now tuning in, please read Olivia's tragedy from yesterday so that this post makes sense to you.

....So there she was, standing in her kitchen, eyes wide open and mouth dropped to the floor in utter shock.  "How could she do that," thought Olivia.  "WHY would she do that?!?!?"  To Olivia's surprise, that "sweet little lady" that she took care of that could do no wrong was no longer as sweet as she appeared.

Olivia had opened the Styrofoam container, and much to her surprise, the sweet and sour chicken that had been kindly given to her for lunch was no longer there.  Heck, there was barely anything there....well, with the exception of the two 2 week old pieces of chicken strips (with NO sauce of any sort)--one of which was HALF EATEN--and a dollop of mashed potatoes that were so hard that they cracked when poked with a fork.  Yes, that's right folks...Olivia's client stole her lunch AND got away with it--all while she was in the very next room. 

Normally Olivia could laugh such a situation off and move on, but for some reason, that day was different.  All she thought of the rest of the day was how her client had been deceitful and literally went behind her back.  I guess that's the price I pay--*ahem* I mean OLIVIA PAYS--for leaving a *insert random number for HIPPA's sake* 94 year old woman unattended for a few moments.....


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  1. You are so awesome! I love the twist you . . . I mean Olivia threw in at the end LOL!


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