Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Twelve years ago, my life changed.  My world was shaken to the core, and I was no longer the only child.  Yes, 12 years ago today, my little sister, Michaela was born.  As I was searching for pictures to post in this blog, I was taken back down memory lane.  I remember my Uncle picking me up during my Wednesday night class at church because my mom's water had broken, and my little sibling was going to be born.  I never knew jealousy until she came along.  Sure I pushed her off the couch out of pure jealousy one time when my mom left me alone with her, but she didn't fall far...just a few feet!  Anyway, I say all this because I can't believe that my sweet, precious little sister turned 12 today.  She is growing up to be a beautiful, young Christian lady, and I am so incredibly proud of her!  So, Michaela, Happy Birthday, sis!  I love you to pieces and would give anything to be with you on your special day!  

Here are some pictures of my sweet sister through the years.  I'm sure she's going to love me for this!  :)


  1. What's the age difference between you two? My sister is 16 almost 17 years younger than me. Isn't that funny? Especially since she is now living with me at 22 years old.. Wait till she gives you a call..
    Can i come live with you for just a little while? lol

  2. We're (almost) 10 years apart. I beg my sister to come stay with us during the Summer because I miss her. I have no family here, so I think I'd enjoy her living with us (for a while, anyway) :)


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