Thursday, February 24, 2011

The future of missions

Today in my missions class, the college rep for the Assemblies of God came to speak to us.  He was trying to motivate us to think about what WE want missions to look like in years to come since we are the future missionaries of the world.  He had us thinking about our visions for our future ministries and wanted to know what God has given us so far on our journey.  That question had me dwelling more than the other questions he had asked us.

You see, missions for me isn't about taking a week or two out of my life to spend overseas preaching the word of God.  Now, don't get me wrong, the word of God is VERY important because it is the ONLY way to the Father, but to me it is MUCH more than that.  Missions is holistic.  It encompasses the physical, emotional, and the spiritual needs of people around the world.  I see the future of missions as almost a revolution.  A revolution where people around the world begin to feel a completion of themselves because ALL of their needs are being met.  In recent years, missions has grown drastically.  Many avenues have been opened up to missionaries around the world through teaching, construction, radio broadcasting and much more.  You name it, it's probably being done in some form or fashion.

In my ministry I know that the Lord has given me a passion for children, specifically orphans.  Many orphanages take in children and keep them until they are of legal age and then send them back out on the streets to fend for themselves.  I think it's great that orphanages take in children, but I believe we as believers should equip the children we take in.  We should equip them to becoming an outstanding citizen in their community and their country.  Ways of equipping them to become that great person that God has intended them to be is by giving them resources that will help them succeed when they are on their own and forming their own families.  We should teach them to sew, cook, raise cattle, raise crops, and give them the proper education to succeed.  I know of a missionary and his family who have taken this idea and are now blessing 80 children in Venezuela with their ministry.  Gary and Patty Heiney, with the help of the Lord, have started such an amazing ministry.

This subject is one of the most meaningful and personal to me.  My heart is for missions, especially Venezuela.  So, I hope you read this and gain a better insight as to where I see my future.

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