Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

The year has officially come and gone with as many ups as there were downs.  I can not believe that 2010 went as fast as it did.  It seems like the entire year was one big movie that was constantly being fast forwarded.

Luke and I was trying to come up with some New Year resolutions for us to accomplish in 2011, but we decided to do something different.  We decided instead of making "resolutions" that we probably weren't going to ever complete, we would dedicate 2011 solely to the Lord.  We're going to give everything to Him (as we should do all the time) and let Him take control of our lives.  I've discovered that when the Lord gets a hold of your life, He'll change it for the best (isn't that what we always want for the new year--the best?). 

I pray God will lead me and Luke through 2011 just as he has every year and that he will bless you and your families abundantly!

God Bless,
Alicia Marie


Luke and Alicia's yearly history

2008--Boy meets girl
2009--Boy marries girl
2010--Boy and girl buys a house
2011--?????(baby--maybe *crosses fingers* )?????

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